Paste Magazine – name your price

Paste Magazine is following Radiohead’s example: for the next two weeks, you can name your own price (from $1 up) for a year’s subscription. If the popup doesn’t come up, just click the Subscribe link below the Paste header.

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  1. When we were in the hospital with our baby being born my wife’s mother bought us a bunch of magazines to check out while we waited. One of them was Paste. It’s not bad – covers a lot of different media(books, film, music, etc.). I wish the writing was a little more in depth(The parker Posey article was very short) but it has promise. The CD that came with it was okay – not the best selection of music, but on the positive side it did have a lot of unheard of artists which was a welcome change from the CMJ types of magazines that seem to follow the marketing dollars of indie labels rather than the music trends….

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